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Sunday, June 24, 2007

How To Start Making Money Online

The "gurus" out there claim that it's easy, and make it sound like if we send them $40, we will receive a magical link that deposits avalances of cash into our bank accounts. How easy is it to start making money online though? can a normal, average person do it like me? I wanted to find out.
I searched through hundreds of websites that offered to help me start making money online, most actually worded it as "start making thousands of dollars within minutes" that was a common thing I came across whilst searching for ways to start making money online. Were there any genuine opportunities?
I came across an individual by the name of Mark Warren, he ran a program named Ultimate Wealth Package. I had read a lot about this particular money making package, many positive reviews, but did it actually help people to start making money online? or was it just another get rich quick scams that flooded the internet? the sales letter was rather ordinary, offering to help me make thousands of dollars, working a few hours a week, I looked into this package, across various forums and discussed it with customers who explained it to me thoroughly. The package came with a website valued at $400, built by one of Mark Warrens personal web designers, specifically aimed for the novice computer user, as it was set up for you. Ultimate Wealth Package also came with an internet marketing book that was full of information on the best ways to start making money online. This was an overview of the package, but did it actually help ordinary people make money online? how was it different to all the other websites I had looked at?

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