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Saturday, June 30, 2007

A Work At Home Business Idea To Make Money Online

Earning a living online is not as far-fetched as most people think. There are in fact thousands of people doing just that very thing. The only thing usually required to get started (and starting is the hardest part!) is a work at home business idea to make money online. But what if I told you that even if you had the greatest work at home business idea known to man, that you wouldn’t be guaranteed to succeed?
In fact, I could give you a hundred work at home business ideas to make money online, for free, and odds are that you would not only fail to succeed and make enough money to support yourself, but that you wouldn’t even do anything with the ideas to begin with!
So why is that? Why do 95% of businesses fail within three years?
Why do so many people find it so difficult to just take action? Sometimes I wonder why everybody isn’t doing the things I know they could do to make money online. It’s not difficult; it actually becomes easy enough to have an entire system on autopilot that generates large sums of cash. So what is it exactly that prevents people from implementing good work at home business ideas to make money online?
I believe it’s either a lack of desire, or an acknowledgment of the possibility of failure. Successful online businesspeople are extremely motivated, and do not believe in failure. An unsatisfactory outcome is just a learning experience, not a failure. So why would anyone refuse to do something if the possibility of success were 100%?
If you came here looking for a great work at home business idea to make money online, I can give you a dozen for free. But what I can’t give you is what you must give yourself if you want to succeed: a desire to actually make money online.

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