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Saturday, June 30, 2007

The Untold Secret To Making Money Online

Are you trying to make money online? Would you like to know the UNTOLD secret to successfully cracking the online money code and creating a really successful home business?
All the money making schemes and ideas people have and promote are not worth anything without the technology to back them up. Why? Because you can't event begin to make any money until you have the technologies required in place to execute those strategies.
Websites are the foundation of making money online. Without a website you can NOT begin to conduct any business.
However, today you need much more than a website. To make money online, the idea of a website needs to be expanded from a cheap hosting account PLUS some webpages INTO a complete and automated business engine.
The website is where your potential customers find you on the Internet. A website is where you present your products or services. A website is where those potential customers interact with you online business.
But to turn a website into a business, or better yet into a money website or money machine, you need to incorporate a lot more technology. You need to add additional software applications to: create and manage your webpages, generate headline ideas, add audio and video to present your products, track the sources of your traffic, test your conversions, collect and process credit cards, shipping the products and keep track of the money and business stats.
This is a lot of technology to purchase, set up and manage.
So you have two choices, either hire an experienced professional webmaster to identify the technology pieces you'll require and then purchase and set them up for you...
Spend a few years learning enough to do it yourself.
If you are going to do it yourself, here's what you need.
* A good hosting account.
* Learn some HTML
* An easy to use sitebuilder application
* An email autoresponder
* A traffic tracking software application
* A easy to use split testing application
* A merchant account for credit cards
* A stats package to monitor the stats and money
You can expect to spend 12 to 18 months learning the basics of webhosting, HTML, and the basics of numerous software applications. And remember that means you're not spending time on the more important aspects of getting traffic and converting it into customers and money.
And that is CRITICAL.
One of the uber successful Internet marketers, gave me the secret to online success when he said:
"The secret to making money online is to spend NO MORE than 10% of your time on technology, so you can spend 90% of your time on getting traffic and converting it into customers and money... because that's how the money is made online."
He then finished with this critical piece:
"There's no money in learning the technologies... unless you want to be a webmaster."
So if you're not a geek and you don't have the money to hire a professional webmaster, then you should avoid the technology trap (of trying to learn and manage it yourself) and instead, get one of the hosted services that provides all the hosting and money making technologies required to make money online.
Not only will it save you a huge amount of time, but, it save enormous amounts of MONEY. Typically these services cost about ONE-TENTH the cost of purchasing separate software applications. And the savings really add up when you factor in the cost of integrating all the applications so that they all work together as a money website or money machine.
The secret to making money online is having the best automated technology you can get.

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